Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising with Semaphore Search

Meta now say there are 1.6 billion people on Facebook. That’s a lot of business to be generated. It’s very tempting to jump on in and assume that the cash register will start dancing.

Facebook is an advertising platform and it’s there to make money.  The trick? Make sure you know what you’re spending, in which area and with a focus on a positive Return on Ad Spend. Do not throw money at Meta and hope for the best. There are ways and means to anything. But by testing, learning and ensuring your messaging and content are strong, your ROAS should be on fire.
Facebook Ads with Meta also run across Instagram too. Facebook and Instagram paid campaigns target different audiences and budget needs to be thought through and tested.  Semaphore Perth has worked with hotel chains, ecommerce, tradies, B2B, B2C, local to WA and companies across APAC uniting customers to businesses. These have led to an upward trend in performance.
We explain ourselves clearly to our clients. We don’t overload you with jargon for the sake of it. Providing you with detailed information backed up by data we’re able to identify problem areas quickly and optimise those areas which work. Through years of working with paid performance accounts, we know what gets our clients to where they need to be in the most efficient way.
Justin is always happy to chat! If you’re keen to take the next steps in your business without being overloaded, let’s work out what you need to do next.

The best place to start is with an audit of your current Facebook account.  Contact Justin today to discuss this, or alternatively fill out the form opposite and we will get back to you.