google tag manager

Google Tag Manager with Semaphore Perth

Google Tag Manager goes a long way in helping you identify marketing data quickly across your multiple channels.


Imagine a factory that’s full of marketing tags being created. A tag is a piece of javascript code that you can assign to a single piece of online marketing material or button.
There will be a code for each piece of activity you want to track and easily see from your dashboard what’s performing. You’ll be able to track through your GA4 and Facebook retargeting if that is set up.  GTM lets you review what’s happening across all channels quickly and simply.

Why use Google Tag Manager

GTM simplifies the process of managing website tags and reduces the reliance on developer involvement.  Using the GTM UI, it is easy to add, remove or modify tags.

It also means that you can quickly add new tags to your site, and check that they are firing properly and accurately recording data before publishing them.

GTM also offers easy and seamless integration with the other Google services we offer, including GA4 and Google ads.  You can also fire all Bing and social marketing tags through GTM.

Limiting the number of tags that are actually deployed on your site, also speeds up load time which is one of the factors that Google uses to assess your site.

A one stop shop that also leverages Google Analytics. Your data can be read efficiently and securely without the need for development time or hours spent sifting through data. By providing evidence-backed data, Google Tag Manager is the backbone of your marketing plans and determining where to place your budget.
More often than not, websites will happily have Google Analytics installed however Google Tag Manager in most cases is not. This is a missed opportunity.
As part of your marketing set-up, Semaphore will work with you to set up GTM and provide guidance. It doesn’t have to be painful and will save hours of sifting through data manually. Remember – data never lies, unless it isn’t set up and tracked properly, so it’s really important to think about this if you haven’t already done so.