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Semaphore Search takes your digital marketing to the next level

Right now, every dollar needs to work harder.  We are proud of our history of increasing paid search performance and working with Australian businesses of all sizes to help them get to where they need to be, standing out in an ever increasingly competitive marketplace.

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Sales and lead generation are the drivers of your business. Efficient and proven Google Ads management is the difference between average performance or amazing results.


Remind those who found you, why they should come back to you.

This is where we work with you to make sure that your digital campaigns are in sync with your business and web content. We believe that all clients should benefit by having an enterprise approach applied to all.


This is where the action happens and we start seeing a return on your investment. Our data driven approach is exactly that. We let the data take us where we need to go.


Most agencies who run Google Ads focus on clicks, impressions and other stats which you can easily find in your account.  At Semaphore Search Perth, the focus is Return on Investment, Return on Ad Spend and Cost Per Acquisition. 

We look at key indicators like click-through rate (CTR) and impression share, taking the information from your account to make data-driven changes, and have your campaigns work harder. 

Semaphore Search provides SEM and SEO services to clients across Australia.

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Semaphore Search Clients
Semaphore Search clients
SEMaphore search clients
Semaphore Search clients
Semaphore Search clients
Semaphore Search clients
SEMaphore Search clients
Semaphore Search clients

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