Google Ads

Google Ads Management with Semaphore Search

Google Advertising is more than throwing money at Google and broad match terms. To give you bang for your buck, we work with you to understand your business objectives first and foremost to provide our very best recommendations. Is there the content to back up what you’re selling? What resonates with your audience? Importantly, let’s identify and reshape what isn’t working.
Garbage in, garbage out. Often we see poorly structured Google Ads accounts, which we love tidying up! Much like the architecture of a house, if the foundations are not secure, everything around it will crumble and Google Ads is much the same. A solid foundation that’s clear and sturdy will set you up for the best results.
Over time, we monitor the data and adjust and optimise as your account grows. We educate you so that you’re enabled to look at the data for yourself so you’re confident to pull a real-time report and understand what’s working and what needs some love.