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Google Ads Management With Semaphore Search

Semaphore Search is a Perth-based Google ads consultancy, that works with local, national and international clients and delivers high-quality results in multiple business verticals.

We work with you to understand your business objectives first and foremost, as this is key to getting the best results for you. Are you looking for leads or customers in the suburbs that surround you or are you an e-commerce company looking to sell nationally or globally? We have successfully run Google campaigns that are lead or ROAS-focused. Once we understand your business, we create the best account for your business.

Done correctly, the Semaphore Search way, Google ads can be your most reliable and highest performing digital channel. Done badly, and you can easily believe that digital marketing isn’t for your business, and it is money that can be better spent elsewhere.

Google ads account structureAccount Structure

Each account is unique, but we believe that setting solid foundations the Semaphore Search way, puts you in a good place for fast success.

Google ads keywordsKeyword Research

This is where we work together to find the keywords your customers use to find you.

Google adsAd Copy

We create highly relevant ad copy to the search term that is being used. This helps with the overall quality score.

Google ads agency

Conversion Tracking

No Google ads account is worth running unless we are tracking and optimising to the correct conversions.

Google ads management perth

Account Optimisation

Now we have the ideal structure in place, we are constantly evolving the account to make sure we efficiently spend your budget.

google adwords

Account Growth

Once all the building blocks for your successful account are in place. we grow and grow it and have another happy client.

Google ads agency

Garbage in, garbage out. All too often, we see poorly structured and underperforming Google Ads accounts, which we love tidying up and turning into gems.

We believe that the 6 core factors above are the key to a successful account.  They may sound easy to implement, but are often overlooked.

Much like the architecture of a house, if the foundations are not secure, everything around it will crumble and Google Ads is much the same. A solid foundation that’s clear and sturdy will set you up for the best results.

We have over 13 years’ experience managing Google accounts of all sizes and budgets.

This includes search, display, YouTube, remarketing and shopping campaigns and now also the new discovery and performance max campaigns.

Google ads experts with clients in Perth, across Australia and globally.

If you are looking for a Google ads consultant based in Perth or Australia, we have a proven track record.  We are so confident that you will be happy with the performance you see that we don’t have lock in contracts.  We let the numbers do the talking, if you aren’t happy, we don’t hold you to fixed duration contracts.

If it is Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), target CPA, leads or a combination of multiple conversions, we are constantly reviewing your account to make sure that it is working optimally and removing what isn’t giving you bang for the buck.

Over time, we monitor the data and adjust and optimise as your account grows.

We educate you so that you’re enabled to look at the data for yourself so you’re confident to pull a real-time report and understand what’s working and what needs some love and also to ask us questions based on what you see in your account.

Google ads management

Why Semaphore Search?

✅  Over 13 years experience

✅  No lock in contracts

✅  Google ads specialists

✅  One to one account management

✅  Data and results driven

✅  Locally based

We can also analyse your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager set up and make sure that all the data and conversions are tracking accurately.
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