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Google Analytics with Semaphore Perth

Google Analytics ensures that data travelling into and within your website is giving you a clear picture of business performance. A correctly set up GA account enables you to track where your visitors are coming from, data points they are moving through, where they are landing and most importantly if they are converting. Data insights quickly tell you what your customer is looking for and if your site is offering them what they need.

Are you nosey? You should be.

For anyone who has a website, Google Analytics is a must. Any analytics for that matter.  Analysis of your data should become second nature to unearth consumer appetite. GA provides insight across navigational operability, landing page reports, how fast your site is running, highlighting areas for site speed enhancement. It will quickly give you answers for your organic traffic and how they’re finding you.  And when you are found – how long is your audience spending with you?  Are they converting?
From July 2023, Google Analytics will be moving across to GA4 and preparation needs to happen now.
Semaphore Search is able to guide you through your GA4 setup and provide you with any advice you need with tracking and analysing your data. Data analysis need not be painful. We can provide reports and most importantly solid recommendations of improvements.
Remember that the better data is read, the quicker you can move. Set up a call with Justin and let’s see how we can help you get optimal performance for your site.