Semaphore Search is a certified Google Partner, working with some shining local Perth stars and growing national businesses across Australia. Over time we’ve learnt what works and most importantly, what doesn’t. We work with you to put a plan together based on requirements and outcome, not a templated solution.

Paid Search

We work with you to understand your business objectives and provide our very best recommendation based on what you need.
We can restructure or set up your Google Ads account.
We adjust and optimise as your account grows with real-time reporting and the tools you need.

Google Tag Manager

If you have multiple marketing platforms with lots of data to understand, your business should be all over Google Tag Manager.
A one-stop shop bringing in your analytics properties so that data can be read efficiently and securely without the need for further development time. More importantly, the next steps are determined correctly.

Google Analytics

Are you nosey? You should be.

Google Analytics ensures that data travelling into and within your website is giving you a clear picture of business performance. A correctly set up GA account enables you to track where your visitors are coming from, data points they are moving through, where they are landing and most importantly if they are converting. Data insights quickly tell you what your customer is looking for and if your site is offering them what they need.

Social Media Advertising

Spending money on Facebook ads but without a sale or a conversion? Or is Ads Manager testing your patience? Digital marketing services should not be confusing.
Let’s take your brand to the right audience through super-targeted advertising.
We explain clearly, to provide you with understandable reports and make sure we’re hitting the right spot.

Looking for the right service for your business?

Let’s build your goals.