Semaphore Search is a certified Google Partner, growing businesses across Australia and working with some shining local Perth stars. Over time we’ve learnt what works and most importantly, what doesn’t.

We work with you to put a plan together based on requirements and outcome, not a templated solution.  

Working with Semaphore is very much a two-way process, we use your business knowledge, and tie that with our digital marketing expertise to create a digital marketing plan that suits both your budget and more importantly drives the outcomes that are the most important to you.

Google ads management

Whether you are looking to drive traffic to an ecommerce store for revenue, or a business looking for leads, we work with you to understand your business objectives and provide our very best recommendation based on what you need.
If you already have an account, we can restructure it to help improve performance or set up your new Google Ads account if you currently don’t have one.
We are constantly adjusting and optimising as your account grows with real-time reporting and the tools you need.  The more data we have available, the better we can use this information to make informed decisions.
For a full breakdown of how we run our Google paid search campaigns for our clients, click here.

Social Media Advertising

Spending money on Facebook ads but without a sale or a conversion? Or is Ads Manager testing your patience? Social media advertising and especially Facebook advertising shouldn’t be confusing.
The key to getting the best performance from Facebook especially is to make sure that your marketing funnel is set up correctly, with the right ad, using the right language served at the right time.
Of course we would like people to convert after one click, and sometimes they do, but user behaviour unfortunately isn’t as simple as that and we recognise that they conversion funnel is unique to each business.
Let’s take your brand to the right audience through super-targeted advertising.
We explain clearly, to provide you with understandable reports and make sure we’re hitting the right spot.
Facebook is constantly changing the way we have to advertise with them, and at Semaphore Search we are constantly updating our knowledge so that we can continue to provide our clients with the best service. 
If you are struggling to get traction with your Facebook campaigns, click here.

Google Analytics migration & Implementation

Are you nosey? You should be.

Google Analytics ensures that data travelling into and within your website is giving you a clear picture of business performance. A correctly set up GA account enables you to track where your visitors are coming from, data points they are moving through, where they are landing and most importantly if they are converting. Data insights quickly tell you what your customer is looking for and if your site is offering them what they need.

In the highly competitive online market world, having as much data as possible will help give you an advantage.  Clients should also be preparing for the arrival of GA4 in 2023.

Semaphore Search can help you implement Google Analytics correctly.  To find out more, click here. 


Google Tag Manager Set up & Implementation

If you have multiple marketing platforms with lots of data to understand, your business should be all over Google Tag Manager.
GTM is an easy-to-use way to minimise your site load time and the central place to load and maintain any 3rd party or custom pixels that you need on your site.
A one-stop shop bringing in your analytics properties so that data can be read efficiently and securely without the need for further development time. 
We have updated badly implemented GTM accounts and created new ones for our clients.  To find out more, click here.

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